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Stir-Friday! Whole Wheat Tortillas

DSCF0567 (1024x768)

Ingredient list is short and sweet. Plain goodness.

It’s that time again.  It’s Stir-Friday! For an intro to this series see the first post.  Today’s recipe is one I have made only a handful of times, but it’s growing on me.  Not to mention that it is waaaaay cheaper to make your own tortillas versus buying them.  I can make a batch of 8 taco sized whole wheat tortillas for about $0.75 using the recipe below, and the same pack costs about $3 at the store.  I never made tortillas until recently, but they are quite easy.  No yeast.  No rising.  Just stir ’em up and go.  So, here it is:

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Weekend Camping

IMG_5848 (1024x768)

The fire is glowing hot

This is a post about something that makes me, specifically, happy.  As I said in the post about beer, this may or may not make you happy.  But I don’t care, because it works for me and you have to find out what works for you.  I went camping two weekends ago, and it was a blast.  My girlfriend and I packed up the car and met up with one of my high school buddies and his future wife for a good old-fashioned camping trip.  A good time was had by all.

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Progress… Not Perfection.

graph up (1024x768)

Notice how the graph goes up overall, but there are some places where it temporarily dips back down. Photo credit – cobrasoft

There is a little bit of perfectionist in all of us.  It varies per individual, but it’s there to some extent in everyone.  That little voice inside telling us to keep working on the details until we get them JUST right.  And that little voice is really great for a lot of things.  It pushes us to do our best.  It reminds us to stay on track.  It helps us operate at 110%.  And it is, no doubt, a large contributor to good grades in school, excellent presentations at work, and any other good product in our life that requires extreme attention to detail.  But sometimes that little voice is a dick.

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Take a Lesson from Pulp Fiction

pulp fiction

Screenshot of Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction

Who doesn’t love Pulp Fiction?  A classic Tarantino film, with an absolutely all-star cast.  My favorite scene is the final one in the diner where Jules (Samuel L Jackson) is talking to the would-be robbers.  Here’s a good little clip of it (warning: explicit language).  Anyway, I own the movie and as I type this I am looking at it over on my DVD shelf.  Even though that scene is totally awesome, it’s not the one that gives this post its title.  The idea for this post comes from a deleted scene (explicit language).  It takes place in the home of Marsellus Wallace, when Vincent goes to meet Mia to take her to dinner. She tells him, “Now I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions I’ve come up with that more or less tell me what kind of person I’m having dinner with.”  One of the questions is the following:

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Stir-Friday! Red Lentil Soup

Whoops. How did Chili powder get in there? Also, 2 cans of tomatoes means double recipe.  Woot!

This is the first post in the ‘Stir-Friday!’ series.  First of all, Stir-Friday is a reference to the FX TV show Archer.  If you haven’t seen it, you probably should.  It’s really funny.  Also, the first three seasons are on Netflix.  Anyway, contrary to what you might think, these posts will not be all about stir-fry.  They will, however, be about cooking.  I love cooking.  There is something deeply satisfying about preparing a delicious meal, and then eating it up.  Cooking also makes me a happier person, and I think that a lot of other people could up their happiness levels by learning to cook, but that’s a topic for another post.

In this series, I’ll be sharing delicious recipes with you.  For the most part they won’t be really complicated, but I guess it will sort of depend on the mood I’m in when I write them.  Without further ado, the first installment:

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Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Fortune Teller

Photo Credit – vjeran2001

From Wikipedia,

“A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior.

In other words, a positive or negative prophecy, strongly held belief, or delusion – declared as truth when it is actually false – may sufficiently influence people so that their reactions ultimately fulfill the once-false prophecy.”

Pretty interesting.  I remember the first time I ever heard of this phenomenon.  I was a psychology minor in college, because I find psychology really interesting and it helped break up my science-heavy major classes.  One of the classes I took was called “The Psychology of Close Relationships.”  One day in class we had a big discussion about how our expectations are self-fulfilling prophecies.  In other words, if you think something will happen, then you subconsciously act in a way that encourages that thing to happen.

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