Grateful for my Busy May

rearview mirror

Whew!  This month has been a whirlwind.  As I mentioned in my last post, this month was very busy for me.  The first weekend I went to a wedding (18 hours roundtrip on the road).  I’ve known the groom since high school and we were roommates for two years in college.  The second weekend me and my fiancee (yep, I’m engaged! A post on this is forthcoming) went to her brother’s graduation (10 hours round trip on the road).  The following weekend started our 6 day beach vacation (7 hours one way).  After the beach, we went straight to a conference where I was giving a presentation (8 and a half hours one way).  Then after a few days, came back home (9 hours one way).  So after a month filled with more than 52.5 hours on the road, you may be wondering at the title of this post.

The month was exhausting.  It was tiresome, and filled with hours on end squeezed into a packed car.  It was constant packing, unpacking, laundry, to-do lists, and to-pack lists.  Not to mention creating the slides for, and giving, my presentation.  But it was also a tangible reminder of all the awesome things and people in my life.  Let’s just go through the list together, shall we?

Love birds

The bridge and groom

The wedding:  I am really lucky to still have friends that I befriended in high school.  I know that not everyone can say the same, and I am grateful for each and every one of them.  This wedding was not only a chance to help celebrate my friends’ marriage and start of a new life together, it was also a chance to see many old friends.  Since we knew each other in high school and college, many people from my past were in attendance.  Also, the entire wedding party had a cabin for two nights, and it was really just a phenomenal time catching up with old friends in a really happy environment.  Incredible trip.

The graduation:  This was the first time we had seen my fiancee’s family since the engagement.  Of course, they were very congratulatory.  Also, we got to hang out with her little nephew who is at the fun age of about 15 months.  It was nice to see her family through the new lens of ‘my new family.’  And in general, it’s nice to be around people who care about you and your future.  Definitely a good time, and nice to catch up with them.


Artist’s rendition of the beach where we stayed

The beach:  What can I say?  We had a luxurious room at the beach for six whole days.  We arrived Friday and left Thursday.  It was filled with drinks, the pool, the beach, snack food we don’t normally buy, and just all-around a much needed break from work.  To make the deal even sweeter, my little sister came down and stayed with us for the last two days.  Always great to be able to squeeze in some family time.  And seriously… the beach.

The conference:  This conference was being held at my Alma Mater, and it was awesome to be back on campus.   We stayed at a college buddy’s house while we were there, even though he and his fiancee were at the beach (sounds familiar).  He was one of the other groomsmen in the wedding, and we did end up getting to hang out with them one night.  The conference itself was also really great.  My presentation went well, and I also got in some very valuable networking.  A success by any metric.  Also, the last night we were there I got to see two really good friends that I hadn’t seen in about a year.  Neither had met my fiancee before, so that was really fun, and we all had a great night hanging out for several hours.

So even though this month was exhausting, it was really quite excellent.  I am really grateful to have so many people in my life that are willing to make time for me, and enjoy my company.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is two-fold.  First, it’s a reminder to myself and everyone else that we all have people who care about us, and we don’t always make the time to keep up with them.  We should probably all try a little harder to maintain the relationships that are important to us.  Everyone is busy, and sometimes it only takes a 5 minute phone call.  It’s worth it.


Hanging out with some old friends. People say we look alike in the face.

Second, I wanted to post this as an excuse for my lack of posts recently.  But sometimes you just have to go out and live life, and not document it.  Case in point, I think I took all of 5 pictures while I was at the beach, and every single one was taken inside the room.  It’s OK to put down the phone/camera/laptop and just enjoy yourself.  So, I’ll try to get back to regular posting now that I’m back in my regular life.  It was a great month, but I’m glad to be back home.


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