Put on your walking shoes

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Health and happiness are inextricably linked.  In this day and age, we all know that exercise is good for us.  But exercise science is relatively new, and we don’t really know exactly HOW good for us it is.  We also don’t know exactly where the threshold is for getting all the health benefits of exercise.  Either way, I’m not taking any chances.  I started a new exercise program this month.  It centers around strength training and conditioning in varying degrees.  However, even if you don’t like weights or running, you can still get a lot of health benefits relatively easily.

You might be saying to yourself, “But we’ve got really good doctors and stuff, derp.  Won’t they just give me medicine and make me healthy if I get sick, derp?”  You should do yourself a favor and watch this video about the best possible prescription you can get.  The video is 9 minutes long, and is worth every second of your time (plus it’s done as an entertaining whiteboard animation).

Seriously.  There’s no excuse for not WALKING.  This very easy daily step (pun intended) can make a huge difference in your life-long health.  So even if you don’t like weights or running you can still get a lot of health benefits just from walking.

However, there is now science that suggests that weight training is good for your brain in a way that cardio exercise isn’t.  Here’s an article talking about how exercise helps memory (spoiler: both cardio and weight  training help in different ways.)

As we discussed in a previous post, exercise has a point of diminishing returns.  But just getting SOME sort of exercise has been proven really, really important for long term health again and again.   So get out there and experience a trail, or your neighborhood, or a local walking path, or any other place you choose.  Just lace up your walking shoes and get it done.  Easy peasy.


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