Walk or Bike Challenge


The bike fleet at our apartment.

Time for a new post in the challenge series.  I’ve been letting you guys off the hook recently on the challenges, and I’ve decided that needs to change.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to walk or bike somewhere this week instead of driving.  Note that if you normally bike to work, then biking to work doesn’t count for the challenge.  It’s great that you do it, but it’s hardly a challenge if it’s already part of your routine.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a lot of people could really up their happiness game if they a) spent more time outside, and b) got more exercise.  This challenge happily accomplishes both.

If you live close to work, then this one should be easy for you.  If not, you’ll have to get more creative.

Planning on driving to the store?  Why not bike or walk if it’s under 5 miles?

I’m not saying you need to squeeze in a marathon or anything. Most of us routinely make trips in the car that could easily be powered by our bodies.

Also, exercise makes you sexier so you get some bonus sexiness for free just by completing this challenge.  You’re welcome.

You will also save some gas and wear-and-tear on your car.  You’re welcome, again.

It’s time to quit making excuses and start pounding the pavement.  For at least one trip this week, anyway.

This should be you right now (the part of ‘you’ will be played by Barney Stinson):

Good for you!  Glad you’re on board!

Did you complete the challenge?  What car trip did you replace with a walk/bike ride?


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