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I maxed out my Roth IRA last year!


I told you this picture would be back!  As you know, I focus on writing about happiness on this blog.  In general, I try to focus on three big ideas: financial security/frugality, health, and personal relationships.  As you can probably guess from the title, this post is about the first of these.  You might recall that I recently wrote an article about how I think it is a good idea to max out a Roth IRA before you turn 30.  I also wrote an article back in August where I said that I wanted to max out my IRA by tax day this year (just fyi, the maximum annual contribution is $5500 right now).  Well I put the final $500 into my IRA this month, officially maxing it out for the 2013 tax year.

I’m pretty pumped up about this.  When I was about 22-23 I told myself that I would have an IRA started by 25.  That didn’t happen.  I ended up opening one late in 2012 when I was 27.  I didn’t put that much into it that year, but I made it a serious goal to contribute the full $5500 in 2013.  Here’s the breakdown of how much I contributed each month:

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