I’m pretty sure that upwards  of 90% of personal happiness comes from three main categories.  In no particular order, they are health, personal relationships, and financial security.  On this blog I write about all sorts of things, but the vast majority of the posts fall into one of those categories.

A lot of people these days are laser focused on money as a means to happiness.  They think if they can just get to that next level of income, buy that new car, get that new gadget, upgrade their house, etc, they’ll finally be happy.  This mindset is ridiculous.  Of course you need some money to be happy, but I think that almost everyone would be a lot happier if they spent more of their money buying time (aka saving and investing) rather than buying stuff.

I think people would also be a lot happier if they quit tying up so much of their self-worth with work.  You are not your job.  Time spent developing the personal relationships in your life and improving your health is never wasted time.  I don’t know about you, but I cannot say the same of time spent at work.

On The Happy Potamus I’ll be posting about what makes me happy, some steps you can take to up your personal happiness level, and random other thoughts.  I’ll be talking about the basics of investing*, sharing recipes, issuing challenges, and whatever else comes to mind.

So that you can associate an appropriately awesome mental image to go with my clever and insightful words, I’m a 20-something guy from the South.  I like sports, good food, and reading books.  I’m a fan of facial hair and I’m a mean barkeep.

*I am not a financial planner.  Any finance related posts or discussions on this blog are just my opinion.  You should always do your own research before making a personal investment.


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