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Once Upon a Time Syndrome

Rainbow Castle

The best castle anywhere… ever.

There was probably a time in your past that you fantasized about being exactly where you are now.  Isn’t that strange?  At least in the West, us human beings have a bad habit of spending a lot of time focused on our future and our past, and not nearly enough time just enjoying the present.  The thing is, the future never looks exactly like you planned, and the past is unreachable and, as a result, we often romanticize it.

Stop and think for a moment, can you remember a time in your past that you wanted to be where you are today?  Maybe when you couldn’t wait to `grow up,’ or you couldn’t wait to be done with school, or you couldn’t wait until you got your first job, got married, or bought a house.

Think about that.  As children we are much better at living in the moment, and yet we still spend some of our precious youth fantasizing about how great it will be when we’re older.   This happens, even though life is as simple and enjoyable as a child as it ever will be.  And now you’re all grown up (presumably) and have some or all of those things you wanted, and what are you doing?  Are you living in the present and enjoying your accomplishments?

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Grateful for my Busy May

rearview mirror

Whew!  This month has been a whirlwind.  As I mentioned in my last post, this month was very busy for me.  The first weekend I went to a wedding (18 hours roundtrip on the road).  I’ve known the groom since high school and we were roommates for two years in college.  The second weekend me and my fiancee (yep, I’m engaged! A post on this is forthcoming) went to her brother’s graduation (10 hours round trip on the road).  The following weekend started our 6 day beach vacation (7 hours one way).  After the beach, we went straight to a conference where I was giving a presentation (8 and a half hours one way).  Then after a few days, came back home (9 hours one way).  So after a month filled with more than 52.5 hours on the road, you may be wondering at the title of this post.

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Stir-Friday! Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork

Awww, yeah. I love pulled pork.

It’s that time again.  It’s Stir-Friday! For an intro to this series see the first post.  Today’s recipe is a gem.  Pulled pork is definitely a comfort food, and this recipe is super easy.  Also, it’s pretty cheap to make if you happen to catch pork shoulder or boston butt on sale, which I did ($0.98/lb?  Yes, and please).  Sweet!  As the title suggests, you will need a slow-cooker (you might call it a crock-pot) to cook this recipe.  Luckily if you don’t have one, you can get a brand new one for about $30 (or score a used one off craigslist for super cheap), and then you can make all sorts of stuff with it.  Anyway, on to the pulled pork.

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Facial Hair… It Grows On You

The Bushman

Me rocking a great big bushy beard

This is a post about something that makes me, specifically, happy.  As I said in the other posts, this may or may not make you happy.  But I don’t care, because it works for me and you have to find out what works for you.  I really get a kick out facial hair.  I like to sport all kinds of different facial hair styles (as evidenced by the pics below), but I also appreciate seeing some sweet facial hair on other dudes.

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Karōshi – Death by Overworking

This guy has been working too hard

This guy has been working too hard

It seems these days that almost everyone is super career-oriented.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Having a good work ethic is an excellent trait, and it’s one that I highly recommend trying to actively cultivate in yourself.  But, just like everything else, some people take it too far.  Just think of the common storyline, “Mom/Dad is trying hard to get ahead to provide a better life for their kids than they had growing up.  But somewhere in the process, they lose sight of what’s really important and don’t spend enough time with their family.  Angst and life-lessons ensue.”  Sound familiar?

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High-Five Challenge!

High Five!

High Five!

OK, guys.  This is the first of many challenges I will issue to you on this blog.  Some will be short and sweet, others long and hard (that’s what she said).  Here are some ground rules.  First, I will only issue a challenge if I think that completing it will make you happier.  Second, I will never challenge you to do something illegal (so don’t interpret it that way).  That’s pretty much it.  Without further ado, here is the first challenge: today I challenge you to high-five a complete stranger.

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Mmmmm…. Beer

Yes and please!  A homebrewed porter.

Yes and please! A homebrewed porter.

Since the last post was sort of heavy, I thought I would switch it up and make this post a bit more fun.  Not only will I be doing posts where I offer advice about how you can level up your happiness, but I will also be talking about things that make me happy.  These may or may not be things that make you happy, but I don’t care because they work for me, and you should find what works for you.  So today’s topic is BEER.  Beer makes me happy. Let’s start with some beer quotes:

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